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The Denim of Garcia Jeans

Често, когато пробвате и купувате дънките на Garcia Jeans,
виждате етикети, които показват фасона и стила на дънките. За да направим Вашият избор по-лесен ще Ви разкажем какво означават те:

 Slim Fit -  много тесни дънки
Regular Fit- класически дънки
Relaxed Fit - свободна кройка
Loose Fit -широки дънки тип "тръба"
Skinny -тесни дънки, подобни на Slim Fit дънките
Low Waist - ниска талия
Regular Waist- класическа талия
Boot Cut -дънки, които саприлепнали в горната част и леко се разкрояват, за да покрият обувките

Often when trying and buying the Garcia Jeans, we see these labels which show the style of the jeans.What they do they all mean ?

Regular Fit Jeans- are just a regular pair of jeans that don’t widen, and don’t taper at any point. This is the safest option if you’re unsure about which style is best for you.

Relaxed Fit Jeans- is looser than "normal" fit, butit is notas loose as "loose fit." Relaxed fit jeans tend to be a littlemore "relaxed" through the thigharea

Slim Fit Jeans are similar to skinny jeans, in the sense they’re tight all the way down the leg, but they’re not as tight.
Loose Fit Jeanstend to bebaggierin the buttandthrough the thigh, tend to haveless "shape" and don't huganyonearea. Loose fit jeans are more suited to larger body types who don’t want their shape to stand out

SkinnyJeans are forthose with slimmer legs;this is a verypopular style at the moment. Skinny jeans are designed to have a tightfitall the waydown the leg.

LowWaistJeans, where the rise is defined as the distance between the waistband and the crotch; usually they sit at least 8 cm lower than the belly button.

Regular WaistJeans- the "rise" of any jeans is determined by the distance between the crotch and the waist and is usually around 30 cm.

BootCut Jeans gettig her below the kneecap, and then widen around the ankle to allow a boot to fit inside them.

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